Thursday, September 1, 2016

Embraced By Pure Love

There’s a part of me that I like to call “The Love Enthusiast”. I fell madly in love with Linda Bruce when I was 10 years old. I obsessed over her for years. Love is an integral theme in my life story with Heartbreak Hotel’s destination concluding many chapters. I even had a room for me reserved there. One chapter after another laced with wanting filled love and yearning for sex. Each portion of the life tale ending with an unfulfilled heart and soul. 

Parama Sapta Na Adi Da Samraj’s Transmission is full of Love. The big difference- with His Love I never ended up in Heartbreak Hotel. When I was first starting out in my relationship with Him and being drawn to the practice that He gives I was sitting in contemplation and the most amazing thing happened. An energy started to descend down on me. Then it entered me. There was nothing that I was doing to make it happen. It took about 20 seconds to descend to my heart as it continued down. I recognized the feeling of it as Love. But this was different than any love I had ever experienced. The feeling was not of being loved by nor being in love with. It was simply that the most fundamental condition of existence is Love, Everything, Everywhere is Love. This follows suit to the Beatles in “Love is All there is”, and “God is Love” and many other aphorisms found throughout all time in every culture. Now mind you, this did not automatically become the all of my moment to moment experience. The full blown feeling of it lasted only a short while, then I was back to the usual experience of engaging life- seeking love, happiness and pleasure and its short lived satisfaction when and if it came. 

Trying to describe what Adi Da is like is difficult because He is totally different than anyone I’ve ever seen or known and I’ve rubbed elbows with a lot of people from high to low in many cultures spanning decades. The same goes for what He Transmits- Love, Happiness, Ecstasy, a deep well of Infinite Bliss are some words that come close. Adi Da would sit with formal practitioners and Transmit His State. You would be drawn into this State of the True Self, God, Nirvana, and Enlightenment or any number of labels that are described in volume filled sacred texts throughout the world. I participated in these sittings many times. Each time the feeling of Love and Happiness would occur no matter what state I was in before the sitting. Every time it was His Doing. As the years progressed it became a part of the process in His Company. Feeling the Transmission of His State then feeling mine. The depth of my condition, the suffered human condition has started to become unraveled. The depth of His Condition, The Condition of the Divine has become more tangible. 

In 2008 I had the incredible opportunity to receive a hug from Him. Throughout my life I’ve hugged a lot of people, my mother, father and other family members, lovers and friends, casual acquaintances, even people that I really didn’t want to be around. This hug was as different as He was in His Physical Embodiment. It was astonishing. As His Arms went around me and mine Him.
I didn’t feel that I was embracing a human body. It felt that I was embracing and being embraced by Pure Love, even more, the Eternal Everlasting state known as Enlightenment, Nirvana, and The State of Real God- The Light. I “knew” that I was here on Earth on my knees in Fiji but was feeling something more. The energy that I had felt years earlier descending into my body was Adi Da. He is that energy, the fundamental “Love is All there is” that lies prior to the arising of forms. He is that Eternal, Indestructible, Light of Consciousness Itself, felt as Love, felt as Happiness. My Heartbreak Hotel has seen the wrecking ball. I am very much in love in a depthful meaningful relationship. My life is filled with happiness and pleasure. This life of laughter is His Product- a life that every devotee of Parama Sapta Na Adi Da Samraj has or will have.